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About Ganesh

Ganesh Bala has a solid reputation in the real estate market involving buying, selling and investments. Ganesh’s eclectic mix of global and local real estate experience brings a deeper understanding of short term and long term investment perspective to his clients.Trust, Integrity and Experience are the 3 pillars of his ever growing real estate practice. His tireless commitment to his clients has formed the basis of a strong foundation in an ongoing relationship.

Ganesh is a licensed real estate professional in the provinces of BC and AB with anunderstanding and interest in Land Assembly, Multi Family Homes, Single Family Homes, Condo and Commercial Construction. In his past tenure, he has successfully orchestrated projects globally in Design, Build and Renovation of Airports, Hospitals, Industrial Manufacturing, High Rise Buildings, Educational Campuses, Sports and Recreation Facilities.

Ganesh has a keen eye for helping his clients within the realms of real estate transactions and educates his clients on all risks pertaining to the real estate market. Whether its a purchase of your 1st home or and multi-milion dollar investment property he dedicates his time and exhibits professionalism in a similar fashion.

Currently, Ganesh along with his real estate career juggles social justice for women and children in developing countries. He has invested his time in helping women succeed in innovation and entrepreneurship globally.

During his free time he does volunteering in various activities in his community. He is an auto racing enthusiast, loves playing badminton and tennis. He is also an aspiring golfer.


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